Technology is very much integrated with today’s life;therefore the need for securing electronic data, protecting privacy of individuals and guarding systems against unauthorised access and also deploying technology to minimise loss of life and property in times of disaster, and to ensure citizen safety and security has become essential and challenging.

 The core agenda of 5th eGov SecureIT 2014 is to facilitate exchange of knowledge on the subject of Cyber Security, Disaster Management, Public Safety and Security, Infrastructure Security, Border Management, Data Security; Data in Cloud, Network Security; Network Based Attacks, ICT in Policing; Traffic Modernisation, Telecom vulnerabilities; Attacks on Telecom Networks, and National Cyber Security Framework etc.

 The stakeholders from all over the country will gather in New Delhi for a day and shed light on the ways by which the challenges of the sector can be addressed with technology. The event will lead to a greater acknowledgement of the ubiquitous role that technology is playing in the domain of cyber security.

 As large number of private companies, which are involved in doing cutting edge work in cyber security sector, will also be participating and the government officials will have the chance of exploring the opportunities and benefits from the deliberation. Thus the 5th  eGov SecureIT 2014 will contribute to the creation of more awareness and understanding of cyber security, data security and IT in border security etc.