eGov, Asia’s premier magazine on e-Governance, is pleased to invite you to SecureIT 2013, which is being convened on 8th March, 2013, at The Oberoi, New Delhi

The Platform to provide a Comprehensive Outlook on

  • The evolving cyber threats to assets that are critical to national security
  • Ways of tackling disasters, happening due to natural or manmade causes
  • The best methods for providing physical security to important installations and infrastructure
  • The challenges associated with the proliferation of mobile computing devices
  • The best methodologies for identifying weak points within cyber and physical security and taking remedial actions


As technology becomes increasingly integrated with day-to-day governance, the need for securing electronic data, protecting privacy of individuals and guarding systems against unauthorised access is becoming paramount. Technology is also being increasingly deployed to minimise loss of life and property in times of disaster, and to ensure citizen safety and security.